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BSR 1/8 Buggy Tire -Black Wheel

BSR 1/8 Buggy Tire -Black Wheel

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1/8 Buggy Tire - Black Wheel

Mounted on black dish wheels with a 17mm hex.

Each Package contains 2 tires.

Color Compounds:

Tires are color coded according to durometer value.

C8023-B - Orange - Durometer 25-30

C8027-B - Red - Durometer 30 +/-

C8018-B - Double Pink - Durometer 30-35

C8034-B - Team Purple - 35-40


Shore rated Compounds:

Different foam family than our color compounds.  Each compound rated by its durometer shore value.

C8025-B - Buggy Tire 25 Shore

C8030-B - Buggy Tire 30 Shore

C8035-B - Buggy Tire 35 Shore


Durometer values listed are all +/-.


While this item is often used for Drag Racing and Speed Runs, this falls outside the designed purpose for these tires.  Using them for drag racing or speed runs is at user's risk and voids any warranty stated or implied.  Using these tires for purposes other than what they were designed for may result in damage to the tire or to your vehicle. 

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