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BSR 1/10 Scale 28mm Touring - Teal

BSR 1/10 Scale 28mm Touring - Teal

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F2841-BSR 1/10 28mm Touring - Teal

Mounted on JACO Prism wheel 28mm hex.

Each Package contains 2 tires.

These are  a limited production run of Teal compound tires.  This foam is heavier than Team Purple, but slightly more durable.  These are not a regular production tire and we currently have no way to make it a regular production tire.

Shore Rating - 38+ - HARD

 *DISCLAIMER-While this compound may be more durable than Team Purple foam, there is no claim that these are any better.  It's just a more durable foam that should resist chunking, but it may chunk just like any other tire at excessive speed.  We aren't saying these are a must have for speed running, just another option.

While this item is often used for Drag Racing and Speed Runs, this falls outside the designed purpose for these tires.  Using them for drag racing or speed runs is at user's risk and voids any warranty stated or implied.  EVEN THOUGH WE SELL THESE FOR SPEED RUNS, THERE IS NO WARRANTY.

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